There are many creative ways to achieve healing, health and wellness. Ancient traditions relied on healers, Shamans, teachers, nature, energy and imagination. One's imagination and thoughts are extremely powerful in activating the healing process. Neuroscience acknowledges that thought alone can elicit healing. Whether you are simply wanting to reduce stress or achieve spiritual growth there are many approaches you can take. One of the most powerful tools no matter what the modality, is your thoughts. I will coach you on how to become aware of unhelpful thought patterns and take hold of your thoughts so that they lead to productive outcomes and feelings. 


A true healer helps you learn to discover self healing. After learning and practicing with Creative Wellness the goal is for you to integrate these tools into your daily living and having a toolbox of healing tools to access. 


Salt Tray Therapy

Alison MacEachern, LMHC developed this modality, a blend of Expressive Therapy and spiritual healing practices. 

Within a tray of salt you place various crystals, rocks, shells, other meaningful objects and symbols to assist you in healing an issue or ailment.  

You will be guided through the process of setting an intention and releasing old energies that no longer serve or that keep your vibration low. Using movement to direct the high vibrational energy into your chakras and aura for cleansing. 

Add some palo santo, essential oils, energy healing and sound healing if you'd like. 



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