Alison MacEachern, LMHC owner of Creative Wellness LLC has been drawn to the field of wellness and healing since a young age. Alison has enjoyed learning the vast array of healing modalities such as sound healing, meditation, energy work, mindfulness, art, yoga, nature and crystals. Alison combines her knowledge in mental health and wellness to offer individuals a unique medley tailored to best support your wellness journey. 

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I can remember my first book that set me on my mission,  "Wherever You Go There You Are" by Jon Kabat Zinn. I was born with a genetic skin condition called Ichthyosis, this causes thick scaly dry skin. I've learned to embrace my unique mermaid self and achieve self-acceptance, self-love and true inner peace. This journey had many ups and downs, I learned through books and personal experience about the mind-body connection. The physical struggle of my skin condition led to the mental struggles of depression and anxiety. 

I set out on a mission in life to achieve inner peace. When I discovered what worked for me I eagerly shared it with others. I learned I love to share information and teach others ways to heal and improve their wellness. I have worked at mental health agencies and in the public schools. Each job provided wonderful learning opportunities but I always felt limited in some way. It has been a dream and a vision to have my own business where I can teach without limitations. Where I can share my gifts and knowledge with others. Where I can assist people on their healing path and get them to a place where they can rely on their own innate healing abilities. 


We are not here to struggle and suffer. We are meant to enjoy this planet and enjoy this precious thing called life. Allow me to assist you in discovering the true magic available to us here on Earth. Allow me to guide you in connecting with Earth and discover the power that is within you to heal and step into your light.